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Guild Book

Guild Book started out as an idea a couple gamers had that they turned into reality. it is intended to bring gamers together and making group play much easier. Guild Book – The World’s First Gaming Social Media App – includes Individual Player Profiles where you can upload gaming videos and builds straight to YouTube as well as create custom Guild/Clan profiles with event calendars and a private message board to make group communication much easier. Guild Book also includes a party chat system so groups can plug their head set into their phone and begin to communicate in a much easier manner. Finally! An app that is a one stop shop for gamers.


Our Vision

We aim to give the gaming industry and our fellow gamers out there, regardless of the console or video game they enjoy, a complete and comprehensive app for communicating with each other. Guild Book – The World’s First Gaming Social Media App – will be that platform. It is our intention to provide those of us with a similar passion for gaming a way to develop online relationships and enhance the time we spend in that period of time when we are gaming, where reality is forgotten.

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Feature Updates

Too many to count, but here are some immediate plans.


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